Carboli WT is the exclusive distributor of the system Hydropath.

It ' a water conditioner that is installed on any type of pipe water supply and running with a highly innovative technology : the action is extended from the point where the unit is installed in the entire hydraulic system both in the sense water flow in the opposite direction , irrespective of the flow and / or by water flow , continuously , even if this does not circulate . This , in addition to the considerable power of the signal , means that the benefit of this device is thousands of times higher than any other mechanical system.

The product was born in England about twenty years ago by a private company , ltd Hydropath and after a period of experimentation, was adopted by British Gas that installs it for years in domestic systems . The spread in the world is guaranteed by a sales network of about eighty distribution companies located in 66 countries which to date have sold approximately 1,700,000 units in the domestic sector . In Italy its first appearance was in coffee machines still about ten years ago.