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In the activated sludge biological treatment takes place in a dynamic aerobic tanks controlled , artificial environment that plays in the same biological mechanisms that occur in nature (for example, along the course of a river ) for the purification of polluted water from biodegradable organic substances . Indeed , mixing an exhaust to be purified with activated sludge in which is present a high concentration microbial aerobic preformed , it has the same process of self-purification that occurs in nature , but with a speed of reactions accelerated and a space occupied less .

The advantage of the activated sludge treatment with respect to the natural purification is that the microbial flora used to treat wastewater, rather than remain dispersed in the effluent treated tends to agglomerate , forming flakes ( organic matter and bacteria) that , if placed in conditions of quiet , they tend to settle and can be separated easily from the sewage released that remain on the surface ( supernatant ) .