CARBOLI our history

The company was founded in 1998 by Carboli environmental professionals, as a service company for the management and disposal of industrial waste and recovery for spreading sludge in agriculture.

Over the years Carboli has specialized in the marketing and logistics of waste tightening trade agreements with Waters for industrial waste management in the incoming wastewater treatment plants.

To date, the main activities of Carboli concerning the organization and management of services for the disposal of industrial liquid waste , biological sludge , the preparation of plans for the re-use sewage sludge in agriculture , with the activation of your permissions in farms located in Tuscany.

The evolution of the market and the continuous updating of the regulations have been an incentive for the company to seek new opportunities in developing markets.

Over the past few years Carboli is specialized in water treatment and purification of industrial process, with the integration of new professionals with decades of experience in the industry.

In January 2013 Carboli WT is created with the aim of creating a team of professionals dedicated to the research and development of innovative products with low environmental impact and cost.